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All advertising costs are fully tax deductible

Within the App you can insert your own personalised advertising and thus get the most out of it.

 Internal advertising 



€ 50 per week

€ 180 per month




€ 30 per week

€ 100 per month




€ 20 per week

€ 70 per month


At the end of the period you will receive statistics with performance reports of the advertising campaign by email.

 Notifications Push 

The best way to show you and keep in touch with our hundreds of users is PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!

People use their smartphones all the time.

Imagine announcing each of them a new offer or promotion with an instant message that will appear on their screen at any moment ... MAGIC!

Price: € 9.99 each


The best way to show yourself and stay in touch with our hundreds of users is through NOTIFICATIONS, these are the main features:

Segmentation by phone type

Determines which users should receive push notifications according to the type of device used

Geographic segmentation

It determines which users should receive push notifications based on geographical location.

Push notification statistics

Monitor and analyse the performance of your notifications with statistics on open rates and clicks.

Sending scheduled push notifications

Schedule the sending of a push notification by choosing the date and time of sending.


In the first month of activity, from 1 June 2022, our download numbers are more than 600 and over 20 thousand sessions.

Our users already have a large number and are getting their orientation thanks to our guidance.

Time passed:


The days with the most traffic, as can be seen from the graph, are Mondays and Wednesdays.

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